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Ada kesalahan di dalam gadget ini

Rabu, 11 Maret 2009

senjata mini uzi

Cena s DPH : bohužel už nedostupný

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 Mauser HSC Mauser HSC
Realistic look and feel. Spin up system puts a back spin on the bb increasing the range. ...

 Defender of World Peace Defender of World Peace
Full automatic, electrically operated air soft gun

 Crosman Stinger P32 Clear Crosman Stinger P32 Clear
The P32 pistol features an ergonomic comfort grip and a rapid reload clip that loads up to 10 ...

 Crosman Pulse R70 Clear Crosman Pulse R70 Clear
If you’re looking for fast-firing, full auto shooting fun then grab a hold of the Pulse R70 and ...

 Crosman Pulse P50 Crosman Pulse P50
Indoor/Outdoor Action! Backspin propels plastic BB's for greater distance and greater accuracy. Soft Air goes X-treme! This semi-auto ...

Crosman Pulse M70 Crosman Pulse M70
Take tactical gaming to the X-treme. Full-auto Soft Air clear mini-electronic machine gun gets you into the game, ...

Low-impact airsoft technology is aimed at people who enjoy target practice and indoor plinking, hobbyists and collectors, those ...

 Taurus Millennium PT 111 Taurus Millennium PT 111
Great name, great value! Easy to cock. This Super Soft model is perfect for new players. Nice looking ...

 Stinger R30 Stinger R30
Full Auto Trigger Action- shoots as fast as you pump Dual Purpose Clip- BB feeder holds up to 22 ...

 Smith & Wesson M4505 Smith & Wesson M4505
Clear Airsoft pistol. Spring operated. Includes an extra spare magazine and a sticky airsoft target. Delivers 0.49 Joules ...

Sig Pro SP2340 Sig Pro SP2340
The Sig SP2340 features the electronic blow back system.

 Mini UZI Mini UZI
Absolutely fabulous airsoft gun that will provide hours of fun and entertainment.

 Mini Kalashnikov AK47 Mini Kalashnikov AK47
Absolutely fabulous airsoft gun that will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Mini machine gun. Spin up category: ...

 Mini DPMS Panther A-15 Mini DPMS Panther A-15
Try the A15 in the power electric version, this replica is unbelievable! Quality, power, fantastic look and finish ...

Mini Carbine Panther M16 A1 Mini Carbine Panther M16 A1
Fully automatic AirSoft mini machine gun. Fires 6mm Plastic BBs. Holds up to 75 rounds at a time. ...

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